The problem with seagulls!

Year 4
Stem Unit Preview

Problem / Challenge

Seagulls are everywhere in the school. They rummage through our bins and spread rubbish around. They are annoying us by snagging our food at break times. They poop and mess up our school. What can we do to stop this?


In teams of four, device and build a prototype of your own unique solution to this problem.

You might like to consider:

  • special rubbish bins with deterrents
  • deterrent devices producing sound or light
  • decoys


Australian Curriculum Links


Science Understanding

Science as a Human Endeavour

  • Science helps people understand the effect of their actions (ACSHE051)

Science Inquiry Skills

  • Questions and predictions (ACSIS053)
  • Plan an investigation (ACSIS054)
  • Elements of fair tests, measuring and recording data (ACSIS055)
  • Data representation (ACSIS057)
  • Comparing data with predictions (ACSIS215)
  • Reflecting on the investigation (ACSIS058)
  • Communicate scientific ideas and information (ACSIS060)

Design and Technologies

Technologies and society

  • Occupations and factors impacting on the design of products, services and environments (ACTDEK010)

Engineering principles and systems

  • Force and properties of materials (ACTDEK011)

Materials and technologies specialisations

  • Suitability of materials, systems, components, tools and equipment (ACTDEK013)

Design Process

Digital Technologies

  • Digital systems with peripheral devices (ACTDIK007)
  • Collect and access data using simple software (ACTDIP009)
  • Define simple problems, and describe and follow algorithms (ACTDIP010)


Number and Algebra

  • Investigate number sequences (ACMNA074)
  • Develop mental and written strategies and use digital technologies for multiplication and division (ACMNA076)
  • Solve problems involving purchases (ACMNA080)
  • Explore and describe number patterns (ACMNA081)

Measurement and Geometry

  • Use scaled instruments to measure (ACMMG084)
  • Compare areas of regular and irregular shapes (ACMMG087)
  • Compare and describe 2D shapes (ACMMG088)
  • Compare angles (ACMMG089)

Statistics and Probability

School Overview

Port Dalrymple School is located in George Town, a large town in north-east Tasmania, on the eastern bank of the mouth of the Tamar River. Port Dalrymple School caters for children from Kindergarten to Year10 from the town and surrounding areas. The school currently has 485 students.